Tales of Sasha: The Interactive Audio Game is an educational math game for children between the ages 6-8, based on the Tales of Sasha book series. You play as a winged horse from Crystal Cove who is visiting Sasha in Verdant Valley. Explore the forest of the big trees, race Sasha, jump hurdles, and solve math minigames with the help of friendly forest creatures. Each successful minigame unlocks more social features and awards.


  • Collect ribbons as rewards for completing minigames. Highest of the horse honors is the Sasha’s Best Friend Award, in the form of a rainbow ribbon.
  • Fully soundscaped.
  • Features illustrations from the books on Voice Assistant devices with screens.
  • Voice acted.
  • 12 unique math adventures including three math problems each. 45 minutes of playable content.
  • Addition, subtraction and limited multiplication questions based upon the Common Core State Standards for grades 1-3.
  • Dynamic Math Difficulty Algorithm adapts the math level to suit the player’s individual needs. As the player’s skills grow, the difficulty level increases.
  • Parents will also be able to disable the dynamic math difficulty algorithm at any time, and control the levels manually if needed.
  • Screen free entertainment empowers critical and creative thinking.
“Alexa, open Tales of Sasha”