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Interactive Audio Entertainment

Polar Night Studio is the in-house creative hub of the Wanderword family. A stone's throw below the Arctic Circle, our diverse team of writers, narrative designers, sound designers and other storytelling talent have come together to build a creative powerhouse for production of next generation audio entertainment. Coming soon to a smart speaker, mobile device or in-car entertainment system near you.

Our Releases


The Bard’s Tale – Warlocks of Largefearn

Tales of Sasha: The Interactive Audio Game

Tales of Sasha is an engaging and educational game for children aged 6-8. Players assume the role of a winged horse who goes on adventures with their best friend, through a colorful and engaging world. Wings combines light-hearted adventure and achievable personal goals to make learning not only fun, but engaging and exciting.

Time Machine

Mystery and intrigue abounds, with a hidden society on the hunt for ancient artifacts to create a dangerous time machine. We follow the story of four friends who need to locate and find the artefacts before they are stolen. There are ciphers, puzzles and coded maps that all relate to astronomy, history and early science.


Mathcaster offers you a way to practice math skills while keeping you entertained. Join the Guild, and embark on adventures to earn titles and badges while helping people by using math to cast spells.

Escape 63rd and Wallace

Escape from 63rd and Wallace is an audio adventure that takes the listener on a journey to Chicago in 1893, following Charlene, a young woman searching for her sister. This horror-themed story is full of puzzles that you will need to solve in order to succeed.

The Cursed Painting

Fight monsters, Explore dungeons, Level up and gather loot in this immersive audio RPG. Now Free to Play with 5 Expansions released!